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On the book Social Networks of Meaning and Communication (OUP 2022):
Reviews in The American Journal of Sociology by Nick Crossley, Journal of Social Structure by Gabriel Vélez Cuartas, Symbolic Interaction by Robert Wade Kenny (not very favorable), and Soziopolis (in German) by Philip Roth.
Videos of presentations and discussions at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, at the Relational Sociology workshop of the Canadian Sociological Association, and at Hamburg Open Online University (in German).
Also, check out the poster I made about the book for the EUSN conference 2021, and the Knitting networks podcast interview with Alejandro Espinosa-Rada.

More reviews:
On my textbook Soziale Netzwerke (2016) in Socialnet (in German) by Detlev Lindau-Bank.
On the volume Kultur und mediale Kommunikation in sozialen Netzwerken (edited with Christian Stegbauer, 2011) in M&K Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft (in German) by Jeffrey Wimmer.
On the volume Relationale Soziologie (edited with Sophie Muetzel, 2010) in Soziologische Revue (in German) by Rainer Schützeichel and Christoph Lau.
On the book published from my doctoral dissertation Ethnizität, Akkulturation und persönliche Netzwerke von italienischen Migranten (2008) in Socialnet (in German) by Friedhelm Vahsen.

ASA Podcast with an interview on my paper: "How Can Theories Represent Social Phenomena?"

Miscellaneous: texts and talks:
Video of a talk from 2020 on "Identities, Relations, and Culture in Digital Humanities and Computational Social Science" at the Networks in the Global World Conference.
Video of a talk (in German) from 2019 on "Networks in Society Today for an audience of religious practicioners. Unfortunately, the video doesn't feature my slides ...
Podcast of a presentation on ethnic identity and networks of Italian migrants I held at the University of Trier in January 2009 (in German).
Short text on street gangs for the online magazine "13 Seiten" (again in German).