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Humboldt University of Berlin
Institute of Social and Political Sciences
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

jan [at] fuhse [dot] net
Since April 2023, I am working as interim professor of sociology with a focus on labor and organization (temporary), at Chemnitz University of Technology.

Here is the preliminary program for the conference "Digitale Netzwerke: Soziale Formationen im und ums Internet" (in German) in Marburg, March 14/15, 2024 (co-organized with Isabelle Borucki and Malte Doehne).

Recent publications:

"Relational Sociology: Networks, Culture, and Interaction" (with Ann Mische) in: John McLevey / John Scott / Peter Carrington (eds.): The Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis, 2nd Edition, London: Sage 2023, 55-71.

"Stitching the Social World: The Processing of Multiple Social Structures in Communication", Socius 9 (2023).

"Analyzing networks in communication: a mixed methods study of a political debate" Quality & Quantity 57 (2023), 1207-1230.

"How can theories represent social phenomena?", Sociological Theory 40/2 (2022), 99123.

"Networks from culture: Mechanisms of tie-formation follow institutionalized rules in social fields" (with Neha Gondal), forthcoming in: Social Networks (special issue on "Network Ecology", edited by Malte Doehne, Daniel McFarland, and James Moody).

Social Networks of Meaning and Communication, New York: Oxford University Press 2022.
Here is a poster I made about the book for the EUSN conference 2021.